Composite Deck

On this project we wanted this composite deck with benches to feel like a part of the house so we tried to match up the colours as closely as we could. The Trex Transcends product comes in gravel path grey that was a very close match to the recently added stucco. With the soffit and trims being brown the Vintage lantern colour was the right choice for the benches.  Read More

We installed single border around the perimeter of the deck and landing with the deck boards being in a diagonal pattern.  The landing deck boards were installed in the opposite direction to the main deck to contrast a distinct step.


Trex Decking Contractor

Single border with diagonally laid deck boards

The vintage lantern benches are large and comfortable and follow the shape of the composite deck. The bench legs have a modern look and feel giving this deck a lot of seating space for guests.


Large Trex Benches

Trex Transcends benches in Vintage Lantern brown


The Client’s BBQ was natural gas so building a cabinet around it seemed to be the best way to hide the shut off valve and gain some counter space. A matching granite counter top was installed to increase the size of the cooking station.


Trex Transcends cabinet.

Trex In Gravel Path grey used for a small cabinet beside the BBQ


When the deck was removed the posts for the roof  had cracked trims so composite trims were installed to give the posts a new finished look.


Trex Contractor

Trex post trims


The benches on this deck are 2′ deep and 20 ” high with a modern leg style. The benches are built the same way as the deck using clips to hold all boards in place. Fascia is installed using small headed finishing screws.


Trex Transcends deck builder

Trex Transcends Benches

The client was extremely happy with her new deck and is planning on having numerous family events this summer.


Composite Deck

Furnished composite deck