Wood Retaining Wall

Here is a pressure treated wood retaining wall we completed last week. The old wall was built out of railway ties that were filled with creosote. We had to dispose of these a little differently than just dumping everything into the landfill. Permits were required and we had to take the old wall to a special site for disposal.  Read More

You can see the old wall in the following picture. These railway ties were installed back in the 70’s when there was no legislation on the use of creosote injected wood. Now creosote injected wood is not used for any type of residential or commercial use in Canada.


Retaining wall

Old retaining wall with Creosol injected wood

Below you see the new retaining wall constructed with 4×6 pressure treated wood posts. The wall is anchored with deadman that are buried into the bank to stop the wall from shifting over time. The wall was less than 1.2 meters high so a permit was not required to do the project. We did contact City Parks and had signs printed up to show the bike path closures and detour routes for safety purposes.

Retaining wall in wood

Pressure treated wood wall with log style corner pinned with 12″ spiral galvanized spikes.


We install drainage holes in the wall for water to be easily removed. Its imperative to have a full drainage system in place to ensure longevity of the newly built retaining wall.

Retaining Wall

Pressure treated wood retaining wall


The completed retaining wall with 4′ black chain link fencing on top.

Retaining wall with Black chain link

Black chain link fencing finishes off the wall.


This project was completed in 5 days with the client being very happy with the final results.

You can read there review on Google Plus Here