pressure treated deck

Pressure treated deck

Well I’m surprised we’ve gotten out of the gate as quickly as we have this year, but were not complaining by any stretch as we have our first pressure treated deck completed.

First job of the year started out with a DIY job that went very wrong right from the start. The father of this client decided he could tackle this pressure treated deck on his own but soon realized it was much more difficult than he thought.   Read More

After a month of construction and the daughter was pushed to the brink she gave us a call to come in and finaly get it finished. To say the least, I was surprised when I first saw this deck. The center of the pressure treated deck was 4″ lower than each outside corner so there was a very drastic slope to the middle of this deck. The posts were cut to short and the beam was not built to code so the whole deck had to come down and be completely rebuilt. I won’t show you the pictures of the deck prior to the rebuild at the owner’s request but we will show you the final results.



pressure treated wood decking

2 x 10 pressure treated joists 12″ on center with 2 x 6 pressure treated deck boards. Everything was assembled with ACQ screws.


pressure treated deck

White aluminum picket railing with an 8′ section of privacy glass. We have a pinhead style glass that can not been seen through. These railings come in 7 different colours to match any type of exterior finish or trims.


pressure treated stairs


Pressure treated wood stairs with the picket railing finishes this deck off allowing access to the large backyard. The stairs are wide enough to bring lawn furniture and BBQ’s on to the deck when spring finaly shows up.


pressure treated beams and posts


Here’s a picture of the 2 x 10 pressure treated beams, 6 x 6 posts and 10″ footings.  The deck dimensions are 28′ across the front with the right section being 16′ out from the house and the other side at 12′. Lots of square footage to entertain with family and friends.