trex steel deck framing

Truly smart outdoor design comes together when the components you don’t see are as innovative as the beauty you do. Trex steel deck framing is one of those hidden jewels.

Trex decking is applied over the Elevations steel deck framing. Read More

The outstanding strength of Elevations is made possible by a complete system of integrated steel joists, beams and tracks. Made from triple-coated steel, Elevations provides dimensional uniformity, durability and reliability that traditional pressure-treated wood framing can’t. Elevations is rot- and termite-resistant, non-combustible with the highest fire rating and is the first and only exterior trex steel deck framing system supported by a code report.

We will begin advising clients to choose steel deck framing as a replacement for pressure-treated wood. The innovative and creative options Elevations offers makes the product a go-to choice.

Elevations “allows us to create designs that are time-consuming if you tried it with wood,” 

The trex steel deck framing components make it easy to create jaw-dropping curves.

“We have done some low-level decks, close to the ground. You can do long curves that meander with the landscape. You can’t get those shapes with wood.” Elevations opens up the design possibilities.”

We also like that we can easily use the steel material in ways that aren’t deck-related, such as in the construction of low-level retaining walls, flower boxes and landscape walls. The steel framing system reduces excavation time and allows us to create longer cantilevers – saving time, material and labor costs. Because of its lightweight nature, the material is less physically taxing on the carpenters and is especially beneficial when used for high-reaching structures.

Benefits to the homeowner extend beyond the ease of installation. Homeowners who opt for trex steel deck framing gain a truly flat deck surface that stays straight and flat, unlike wood substructures which can warp and twist over time. You feel like you’re standing on something substantial. The expansion and contraction of wood substructures eventually cause nail and screw popping, but Elevations doesn’t absorb water, eliminating this common complaint. “You don’t have that wet-dry combination that, sooner or later, deteriorates decks..

Elevations is roughly 2 ½ times the cost of pressure-treated wood framing but clients should understand the value it adds in lower repair costs over the life of the deck. Elevations comes with a 25-year residential and 10-year commercial warranty.

Watching the first decks that were built decades ago now “fall to the ground” with age, We are all the more convinced that Elevations is the future of deck building. These Trex decks “will outlive us all. “Knowing it’s a better product, and having customers say they are glad they went with it, that’s the reward.”