Composite Paving Stone

Composite Pavers Reach Recycling Milestone, Diverting More Than Half a Million Tires From Landfills

Composite Paving stone, which offer a hardscape solution for backyards and driveways, has hit a milestone by diverting more than a half million scrap tires from landfills. Made with up to 95% recycled content, Composite Pavers’ manufacturing to date is directly responsible for keeping more than 10 million pounds of scrap rubber and plastics out of Canadian and U.S. landfills by utilizing recycled material from more than 535,000 scrap tires and 16 million plastic food containers and dvd cases. Read More

The Composite Paving Stone manufacturing process also uses 95 percent less energy and produces 96 percent less in CO2 emissions than the production of conventional concrete pavers.
Composite Pavers, previously VAST Pavers, were first introduced to the market in 2007. In December 2012, AZEK Building Products completed their purchase of VAST Enterprises and the successful national rollout of the AZEK Paver product line. Now readily available through a national distribution network, AZEK Pavers have become a viable alternative for homeowners’ patios, driveways, walkways and even for the resurfacing of decks, porches and balconies. Commercial contractors have found AZEK Pavers to be perfect for rooftop re-surfacing for green roofs, restaurant and condo decks.
“We are pleased that AZEK Pavers not only offers an easier way to create beautiful landscapes, but is a product with an incredibly positive environmental impact,” said Jason Grommon, President, AZEK Building Products. “A true solution for both contractors and consumers, AZEK Pavers are poised to redefine the hardscape category while helping to meaningfully reduce landfill waste.”

Composite paving stone is stain-, impact- and scratch-resistant and save on installation time and labor compared to traditional concrete and brick pavers. Fitting into an innovative grid system and at less than half the weight of traditional pavers, they install up to three times faster than other pavers, with no special tools or masonry wet saws required.
Composite paving stone, available in five appealing colors, are manufactured in three profiles: Standard Landscape, Permeable and Resurfacing Pavers. Standard Landscape pavers are ideal for patios, walkways and driveways (standard sub base and aggregate is required); Permeable Pavers, featuring spacer lugs, are designed for use in areas where water drainage is required to reduce storm water runoff; and Resurface Pavers are a thinner paver that can be installed directly over existing slabs, flat roofs and decks.